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VIDEO: “A brief history of women’s rights” PLUS suffrage news!

Turning points in women’s movement organizing. Plus news from Suffrage Wagon News Channel. Sign up for weekly posts and get ready for 2020….

Suffrage Wagon Cafe—First woman reporter on the moon!

Suffrage Wagon Cafe features three videos, with our favorite “The First Woman Reporter on the Moon.” She is from Suffrage Wagon News Channel, of course. Publishing since 2009….

Controversy over 2020 brings attention to “First Wave” or “suffrage movement,” plus “suff buff” update!

The first wave of the women’s rights movement in the US has been hidden for decades. Now it comes out into the open as 2020 approaches—the 100th anniversary of women voting in the US. …

Need for more education about 19th Amendment! PLUS news!

Students’ petition points to urgent need for education about the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution….

An August 26th Rap at Suffrage Wagon Cafe

Play this rap August 26th reminder that it’s Women’s Equality Day at Suffrage Wagon Cafe, a commemoration of the passage and ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that took from 1848 to 1920. August 26th isn’t a national holiday. It’s a day like any other, except that the US president issues a…

Grassroots suffrage activists in England—Elizabeth Crawford introduces the Hodgson family, PLUS first wave news……

Elizabeth Crawford, who posts on “Woman and her Sphere,” presents the Hodgson sisters and their suffrage souvenirs. Her new catalog (No. 198) includes the memorabilia collected by the Hodgson family of the suffrage movement in England. Notes Crawford in her July 30, 2018 post: “As with the Stevenson Sisters, about whom I wrote about last…

Thanks to NYS Museum for suffrage wagon exhibition, PLUS book news!!

Books geared to suffrage movement for young readers, from Suffrage Wagon Book Shelf….

Special urgent request from author Ken Florey and NEWS…!

Author Kenneth Florey has a long history with Suffrage Wagon News Channel. He has contributed columns and special images that have been important in the building of an understanding of the grassroots use of horse-drawn wagons and automobiles in organizing for votes for women. We’ve enjoyed reading his books from McFarland Press about suffrage movement…

Chef Cutting visits Cooking School, plus Breaking News from Suffrage Wagon!

Chef Ted Cutting pays a visit to Suffrage Wagon Cooking School! on Vimeo. Chef Cutting stopped by our cooking school to see how we’re doing. He has been responsible for some great demonstrations, including how to make a terrific cup of coffee. At Suffrage Wagon Cooking School we test vintage recipes to see how they hold up…

Suffrage Wagon Cafe—Videos, news, & your “to do” list to get ready for 2020!

Suffrage Wagon Cafe features videos, storytelling, and special programs….