Women Voters Thank Their Suffrage Ancestors on Vimeo.


Marguerite Kearns, Ed., granddaughter of Edna B. and Wilmer R. Kearns. Tara Bloyd is associate editor of SWNC. She is the great-granddaughter of Edna and Wilmer Kearns.

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We stand on strong shoulders.

Suffrage Wagon News Channel is a digital newsletter publishing since 2009. The “Spirit of 1776” campaign wagon used by Edna Kearns in grassroots votes for women organizing in NYS is a symbol of the tireless work of tens of thousands of activists, perhaps millions of citizens, across the US. The Kearns wagon has been exhibited in 2010, 2012, 2017-2018, and 2020 at the New York State Museum in Albany, New York. It is a prime artifact of the early women’s rights movement. The wagon is part of the permanent collection at the state museum.

Edna Kearns (1882-1934) was a grassroots activist in the early women’s rights movement in the US. Wagon graphic above by Ray Lund.