Music video, "Spirit of 1776," is example of suffrage movement patriotic protest! 'Playing Politics with the President' is new audio podcast series.

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Encourage the State of New York to put the “Spirit of 1776″ suffrage wagon used by Edna Buckman Kearns, a NYS suffrage activist, on permanent exhibit. Find out more about the wagon.  Here’s how you can help!  Edna Kearns“Spirit of 1776″ is a music video (above) honoring the historic suffrage campaign wagon that inspired this web site. More information.

The music video “Spirit of 1776″ provides an excellent example of “patriotic protest,” an important theme of the suffrage movement nationally from 1848 to 1917. Find out more.

Bravo for the work of Eighty Bug with her vocals, music and lyrics; video directors Edwin Carungay and Lesha Maria Rodriguez; art director Jon Lagda; the Suffragist Sisters;and the Heritage Museum of Orange County, Santa Ana, California. Sing and play along with these words and chords.

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Kearns archive at New York Botanical Garden

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Companion video for the music for the “Spirit of 1776″

The new music video, the “Spirit of 1776,” has a companion video about the history of the wagon and...

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Suffrage movement flareup in Cuomo race for NYS governor

by Marguerite Kearns It’s amazing that references to the “suffrage movement” have surfaced in...

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NEW VIDEO: “Spirit of 1776″ for Women’s Equality Day

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Video: Get the ball rolling with NYS’s 2017 suffrage centennial

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Two new audio podcasts about August 26th, Women’s Equality Day

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Dress up like Susan B. Anthony and attend a special festival for her this weekend!

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Last and final audio podcast: “Trouble Brewing in Seneca Falls”

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VIDEO: Roast Corn from Suffrage Wagon Cooking School

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Podcast #6, “Trouble Brewing in Seneca Falls” with Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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Get ready for Women’s Equality Day, plus other suffrage news notes

Have you set plans in motion to celebrate August 26th, Women’s Equality Day? Fun gifts and other products...

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