Alice Paul is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Yet, during her lifetime she wasn’t interested in glory. She kept her eye on the prize: women’s rights and the vote.

Keep in mind that author Mary Walton never heard of Alice Paul before a newspaper editor brought Paul to her attention. In recent years, Walton has called Paul “the most overlooked civil rights leader of the 20th century.”

Alice Paul would not agree. She recognized the importance of women united. Paul was aware of the importance of US women, as well as women around the world standing together. If we want to find imperfections in a reform that could potentially shift the general balance of power, it makes sense to NOT begin with overturning the traditional practice of elevating women beyond their secondary status.

This may have been changing. But we still are not able to elect a woman to fill the vacancy of women in the US highest office. It has something to do with what’s between the legs of more than 50% of the nation’s voters. This is crazy and outdated.

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