Marguerite Kearns

Marguerite Kearns—a writer and storyteller—as well as granddaughter of Edna and Wilmer Kearns.

She grew up listening to her grandfather Wilmer Kearns’ stories about her late suffrage activist grandmother Edna Kearns—back when women couldn’t vote and equality seemed like an impossible dream. Generations of Americans struggled for basic voting rights and laid a base for the women’s rights activism today. Check out, a public service from Marguerite to assist her colleagues in journalism when writing about 2020, the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution that gave American women voting rights.

Marguerite Kearns: Author, Activist, Artist on Vimeo.

Through the Eye of Marguerite Kearns: Writing as the descendant of suffrage activists! on Vimeo.

On the way to see the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage wagon! on Vimeo.

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