Edna Kearns defends Mrs. Pankhurst’s stone throwing in England

Grandmother Edna defended Mrs. Pankhurst and the English suffragettes who took radical measures in their struggle to win the vote in England.  The BBC archive has a four-minute 1958 recording of English suffragette Winifred Mayo describing her experience of throwing stones at a guards’ station and how the incident, which landed her in prison, was…

Vintage images of early women’s rights organizing!

              Vintage photos from the early women’s rights movement! on Vimeo.

A SUFFRAGE BOOK THAT’S A—great gift idea!

ONE BOOK THAT’S A GREAT GIFT IDEA—A CLASSIC FROM THE UNITED STATES! Put the suffrage story in every school library. Build on the momentum of the suffrage centennial and make sure women’s history is in every school and public library. The award-winning book, Winning the Vote: The Triumph of the American Woman Suffrage Movement, by…

Single women like Bess got in trouble with her parents for reading too much!

The video below is from the book, “An Unfinished Revolution” by Marguerite Kearns (SUNY Press), 2021. Tara Bloyd is the voice of Bess. Tara is Edna’s great granddaughter. Bess got in trouble with her parents because she read women writers! on Vimeo. Suffrage Wagon News Channel has been publishing since 2009.

Suffrage Campaign Wagon has deep symbolic roots

NEW VIDEO: We had a terrific time premiering this video at a special event at the Historical Society of Woodstock, NY on Thursday, October 14, 2021. An Unfinished Revolution-Passing the torch of women’s rights activism from Marguerite Kearns on Vimeo. Ode to the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon! on Vimeo. Suffrage Wagon News Channel…

Men were important allies in early women’s rights movement!

Need more men allies for women’s rights! Follow the Suffrage Wagon… on Vimeo.

A dedicated reader reports on memoir & family history by Marguerite Kearns!

Reading the Memoir and Family History by Marguerite Kearns on Vimeo. Find out about the book by Marguerite Kearns— An Unfinished Revolution: Edna Buckman Kearns and the Struggle for Women’s Rights. Suffrage Wagon News Channel has been publishing since 2009.

Book about Kearns family sets a tone for 2021

Suffrage storytelling explores equality and other issues facing Edna and Wilmer Kearns! on Vimeo.

Video, support for August 26th, rise, read, and vote!

      A Quaker Family of Activists during the Women’s Suffrage Campaigning Era! on Vimeo. Join the national movement to build a support network to make August 26th a federal holiday! The National Women’s History Alliance is working hard to make this happen. But it won’t happen without your support.

Edna Kearns Book available at Albany Book Festival

Take a break and attend the Albany Book Festival at SUNY Albany on Saturday, September 25th!…