I’m here to introduce you to the recipes online that you can consider trying. New Mexico breakfast burritos can be expensive, and they’re designed to pull folks from the traffic because they are so loaded with tender loving care. I read and scan local websites about chiles and how breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be defined by local cuisine. The New York Times also has highlights about these topics. I’m including selections to illustrate what I mean. Here’s an introduction to one of the state’s treasures, New Mexico breakfast burritos.

Suffrage Wagon Cooking School includes a sample New Mexico breakfast burrito in its recipe samplings from The NY Times. My niece gifted me with a year subscription to the publication. I’m including a sample here:

The above selection is from the online blurb that accompanies a recipe for New Mexican breakfast burrito in The NY Times collection of recipes that anyone can subscribe to. Right now I’m ordering a NM breakfast burrito online for lunch or dinner and having it delivered. The basic is a flour tortilla, a common part of any local meal.

Check out our ongoing background experiences about the importance of terrific food from Suffrage Wagon Cooking School. We have been promoting the importance of food in social justice organizing. This isn’t a new idea. It has ancient roots.

Passing the torch of freedom & equality from Marguerite Kearns on Vimeo.

We have been publishing for decades with recipe ideas.