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After moving in 1920 from Rockville Centre, NY (Long Island) to the Buckman family home (Echo Dale) near Norristown, PA—Edna and Wilmer opened a nursery at their home which they named Echo Dale Gardens. Their second daughter, Wilma, was born on November 12, 1920 at Riverview Hospital in Norristown, PA and she grew up at the Buckman family home. The Kearns business was the recipient of many awards for their flowers—especially the dahlias, gladioli, iris, and peonies. A file of the plants sold, as well as other memorabilia from Echo Dale, is at the Metz Library at the New York Botantical Gardens in the Bronx.

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    Go for it, Marguerite. You don’t seem to run out of ways to keep my attention.

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