Ask anchor Marguerite Kearns for an update to answer this question…

by Marguerite Kearns

Updates are challenging. I was terrific in terms of intention, and much less so in followup. I have many documented instances of explanations and excuses to present here. I even evaluated my strengths and weaknesses. I decided that I was weak in body, and much less so in spirit and passion. Also, updates to imagined intentions are easier to ignore. This has been the case. I will do better, I promise.

I will improve, I announce to myself often. My intentions are well stated. My followup is more uneven than I’d like. Okay, it’s happening. We pulled off a very serious topic—women’s suffrage— so that people across the nation participated in the 2020 centennial celebrations whether they wanted to or not. US women have been voting for 100 years. A great deal remains the same. A great deal is different.

I’m going to win over my resistance and imbalances, although the spring of 2024 leaves plenty of room for appreciation and updates. I will improve. I know this. Keep asking.

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