The effort to bring food into the picture of gathering support for women organizing to win the vote is clear and ongoing. This has lead to many openings including anchor Marguerite Kearns spending the spring semester of 2024 working on her second book during her graduate semester that included “Narrative Journalism.” That’s when Dr. Patricia Dobson took over.

The working title of the second memoir by Marguerite Kearns, “Big Brother is Watching Me,” may be changed. It’s merely a working title that doesn’t hint of some of the other themes, which is my development as a human being that led to where I am today—2024— and the many ways I have shifted and changed.


My second memoir also emphasizes the theme of food and the political associations stretching across these boundaries. I start with pepper pot soup, and progress to other examples of where cookies and toast with peanut butter play an important role in the tale of women and men and their inherent human rights.

I have also been working on myself and the cumulative family story. What does this mean? Who am I? What has been accomplished as a goal? And what has not? Where do my feet enter the story? What about recipes and New Mexico breakfast burritos?


Eating keeps me nourished and striving. I will have many more insights, I sense, but the cooperative spirit included in this educational and creative project (my second memoir)  involve the profound contributions of food? I have woven into my plans the New Mexico cuisine of the state in which I live, as well as delicacies from other cultures that have a story to tell.

At the start of this overall project of human rights, I focused on foods that could be linked to social justice activism and fund-raising. The topic has expanded since then.

I included in my second memoir the history of a former delicacy from the Philadelphia area—pepper pot soup. Part of the process is making this dish, the layers of understanding and background meanings associated with it, and then the outcome. It is tasty and nourishing. Stay tuned.

Suffrage Wagon Cooking School plays an important role in this process.

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