From Marguerite Kearns:

It’s December 25th, the day we say Happy Birthday to Edna Buckman Kearns, my grandmother. She left behind an archive of grassroots organizing in New York City and on Long Island. I’m grateful to those I’ve worked with over the years to bring awareness to this important part of American history.

I heard in my family that Edna didn’t like her birthday falling on December 25th. She loved books, but this didn’t prevent family members from gifting her with books throughout the year. The opening book pages usually had an inscription related to family history. Few of these works have survived, but there are enough to show the pattern.

Happy birthday, Edna Buckman Kearns. I’ve always felt your support in spreading the word about your work.

In December 2009 I started blogging about my grandmother Edna. It’s ten years now, and I’ve learned so much.


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