Did you know about the layers of responsibilities women face so they aren’t able to view the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon when it’s up for exhibition?

Vimeo presents over 300 videos made by Marguerite Kearns. Reviewing books was once a priority of Suffrage Wagon News Channel at SuffrageWagon.org.

Then there were so many suffrage-inspired books that we gave up that mission. People produced books. People read books. More books than ever were being written. And then books filled the walls and corners of living spaces. Interior designers got into solving the problems caused by an overabundance of books. Some interior designers claimed that books weren’t the only distractions. The debates started, and they haven’t ended. What about these damn books?

Many of us collect books of certain types and topics. Not all books have online versions. More do than ever.

We’re contemplating selling some of these books taking up space. Others consider books like works of art.

What are we thinking? Stay in touch and let us know at Suffrage Wagon News Channel.