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VIDEO: Highlights of Suffrage Wagon News Channel!

Suffrage Wagon Cafe is the “go to” place for information about the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage wagon, plus MORE!…

VIDEOS: Find out what it took for women to win the vote! And sign a petition for a federal holiday on August 26th!

Videos from Suffrage Wagon News Channel are a reminder of the long and hard struggle to win this basic right….

Suffrage Wagon Cafe—Videos— Meet Bess, plus the “Night of Terror”

Find out about the “Night of Terror” in 1917, and a videos,plus news! …

Reading Mary Wollstonecraft led to lots of trouble—Suffrage Storytelling

Mary Wollstonecraft wrote in the 1700s in England about women’s rights. Her work influenced girls and women for generations. This personal story tells why….

VIDEO—where the memoir by Marguerite Kearns tells about Bess, controversial women’s rights activist!

The memoir in progress by Marguerite Kearns highlights her growing up as the descendant of Votes for Women activists….

Visit Suffrage Wagon News Channel’s Inez Milholland sister site!

Inez Milholland is the US suffrage martyr. Our sister site highlights what you should know about her sacrifice so we could vote today. Find out more….

Suffrage Wagon Cafe—a video program for your enjoyment!

Another program from Suffrage Wagon Café. Prepare for 2020 when we’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of US women voting….

From the news room of Suffrage Wagon News Channel!–first wave descendants

There are thousands of descendants of the first wave of women’s rights activists in the United States. Watch a video. …

Bernice Ende rides for stories! Make Carrot Cake with Stories!

Making carrot cake at Suffrage Wagon Cooking School involves stories about Edna Kearns and the first wave of the women’s rights movement in the United States….

Tennessee suffrage story podcast on WNYC, plus the Suffrage Wagon News Channel audio channel!

Suffrage Wagon News Channel has audio selections on SoundCloud.com…