One of our sister sites honors Inez Milholland, our national suffrage martyr, an information resource launched during 2016 when Marguerite Kearns worked with Bob Cooney and the National Women’s History Project to commemorate the 100 years since Inez Milholland’s death. Are you following what’s happening? Our goal is to make sure Inez gets the proper recognition she deserves in 2020, the 100th anniversary of women voting in the United States.

By following you’ll see the awareness and appreciate increasing over time.

There’s a free 15-minute film by Martha Wheelock and Wild West Women about Inez and her place in American history. Check it out at

IN OTHER NEWS: Check out the “American Women’s History Initiative” at the National Museum of American History. The federally-funded institution plans to create new programs and hire curators across Smithsonian locations, with the specific intention of showcasing women. The federally-funded institution is creating new programs with the specific intention of showcasing women.

“Iron Jawed Angels,” an HBO film, continues to be used for fundraisers and other special events on the grassroots level. “Forward into Light” about Inez Milholland also is a favorite, as well as the UK film, “Suffragette.” Watch for related productions as 2020 approaches. Tennessee and the final days of the ratification process in 1920 is also a contender.

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