Report from the inside of the women’s rights first wave! on Vimeo.

It hasn’t been easy for Suffrage Wagon News Channel to interview the activists of the first wave of the women’s rights movement from 1848 to 1920. The next best thing is to gather the accounts of the descendants of these activists. And as 2020 approaches, the publishing pipeline has been active. More books than ever are being made available from young readers to adult fiction and nonfiction.

There is considerable interest in this first wave of activism as an essential part of studying and appreciating later waves of women’s rights activism. And there are numerous special projects underway from statues to conferences to scholarly works, and activism associated with these anniversaries and holidays.

Celebrate women’s freedom to vote. Appreciate all the hard work that went into this accomplishment. Suffrage Wagon News Channel has been publishing since 2009.

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