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VIDEOS: Find out what it took for women to win the vote! And sign a petition for a federal holiday on August 26th!

Videos from Suffrage Wagon News Channel are a reminder of the long and hard struggle to win this basic right….

From the news room of Suffrage Wagon News Channel!–first wave descendants

There are thousands of descendants of the first wave of women’s rights activists in the United States. Watch a video. …

VIDEOS: Celebration of first wave of women’s rights movement in US!

Two videos that bring the first wave of the women’s rights movement onto your mobile device or home page. We’ve been publishing since 2009….

VIDEO: “A brief history of women’s rights” PLUS suffrage news!

Turning points in women’s movement organizing. Plus news from Suffrage Wagon News Channel. Sign up for weekly posts and get ready for 2020….

Need for more education about 19th Amendment! PLUS news!

Students’ petition points to urgent need for education about the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution….

Chinese New Year, women’s rights, fortune cookies, & another year of the rooster!

Chinese fortune cookies for the Chinese New Year on Vimeo. Make Chinese Fortune Cookies at Suffrage Wagon Cooking School on Vimeo. January is Hot Tea Month. There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea and a homemade fortune cookie to reflect on the impact of the mass women’s demonstrations across the nation and around the world….