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Our hero will go to great lengths to see suffrage wagon! on Vimeo.

Votes for Women Storytelling: Meet Bess! on Vimeo.


Statement from the web site of the National Woman’s Party at the Belmont-Paul Equality National Monument in Washington, DC. This historic site is now part of the National Park Service. The Night of Terror marked the night in 1917 when Votes for Women picketers at the White House were beaten at the Occoquan Workhouse where they were imprisoned. The National Woman’s Party has a gift shop, an opportunity to share stories about your visit to the site, special programs, and more.


Antonia Petrash of the Long Island Woman Suffrage Association took a break from her usual “Suffragist of the Month” column to celebrate women who ran for office during the midterm election. “Some won, some lost, but all exhibited the same courage and stamina of the suffragists, and all should be celebrated,” she said.

“Of special interest was a November 5th celebration of the work of Huntington, NY suffragist Ida Bunce Sammis, one of the first of two women elected to the New York State Assembly in 1918. Although her term was only for a year, she proposed fourteen laws, and saw ten passed.” The local US Representative, Tom Suozzi, attended a ceremony at the home of Ida Sammis on November 5, 2018.

Petrach noted that over 270 women ran for various offices nationwide and 121 were elected. “Results are still trickling in, but in January we will most likely see almost 100 women in the House of Representatives, (formerly 84), 23 women in the Senate, and 9 women governors, (formerly 6). Many of those elected reflect both ethnic and occupational firsts.”

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