The location of one such fiery debate was identified as the corner of North Ocean Avenue and Main Street in Patchogue, NY as part of the campaigning to open up Long Island to more suffrage organizing. The Votes for Women activists held parades, spoke on street corners and from the back seats of automobiles, as well as horse-drawn wagons. At times their presence in town was heightened with a live band.  See entire article from the archives of Edna Buckman Kearns that includes the details of a shouting match between the women and a man on the street. Edna witnessed the event, and it was her job at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle to write about it.

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  • Emily Belmont

    Just finished listening to the interview with Teri Gay on the suffrage wagon web site. It’s interesting how she says that people today are really interested in what happened with suffrage out in the communities where they live. Northern New York state has a lot of rich heritage areas, especially when it comes to women’s rights. My boyfriend and I have been talking for a long time about making one of these trips. Kinda like a pilgrimage to Seneca Falls, to see Susan B. Anthony’s house, etc. Love hearing about Long Island too.

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