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It’s November 2nd. Day #2 of the two-week “Night of Terror” observance. This is a heavy-duty excursion into the history of the American suffrage movement. The folks planning for a suffragist memorial outside of Washington, DC in Lorton, Virginia are reaching out for help. So buckle your seat belt if you plan to move forward. In Day #1 of our postings, the music video about the White House picketing produced in 2012 by Soomo Publishing was a great place to start.

Today, there’s the selection from the film, “Iron Jawed Angels” about the women sent to the Occoquan Workhouse in 1917. The first video covered outside in the streets, at the gates of the White House. The second video goes inside the Occoquan Workhouse. Here’s the video selection from YouTube.


These two videos are in the service of supporting the proposed suffragist memorial in Lorton, Virginia. Suffrage Wagon is partnering with Turning Point Suffragist Memorial in the campaign to build a memorial to the women who cooled their heels behind bars so we can vote today. If all goes well, the memorial will open before or in time for the votes for women centennial in 2020 when American women will have been voting for 100 years.

Turning Point Suffragist Memorial has a web site and blog. You can also follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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