NewsNotesSept2013I’ve been on retreat at Pendle Hill this week  (a Quaker retreat center) and then in the coming week I’m off on a tour of the cradle of the women’s rights movement in the United States with Olivia Twine.  Of course, you can come along. Sign up at, and that’s just the beginning. There’s even Twitter to follow along.

It’s still fresh corn season and there’s nothing better than fresh roast corn on the cob so you can treat yourself, family, and friends. Fresh corn is only mush if you boil it. Chef Cutting shows us the secrets in a brief video. The lesson from Suffrage Wagon Cooking School is in honor of Grandma Edna for all her suffrage cooking and campaigning lessons. You can make great roast corn whether you live in the city or country, whether you have a back yard or only an apartment oven.

And now, some news notes that have been kicking around for a while: Op-Ed perspective on how Susan B. Anthony should be pardoned for her crime of voting. This is a fascinating launch of a campaign for a presidential pardon. But will anyone take on the challenge that also includes declaring a Susan B. Anthony Day? #1. #2.  Horror stories from the suffrage movement have come to pass. #1. #2. The Votes for Women quilt project continues on. Even if you don’t quilt, the progression and coverage of the movement is spectacular. #1. #2.  The effort to restore voting rights in the aftermath of the US Supreme Court decision. #1. #2. Women voting in Kuwait. #1. #2.

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