by Marguerite Kearns

Welcome to Suffrage Wagon Cafe. There’s a road marker in Huntington, New York honoring the 1913 votes for women parade that caused quite a stir in that town. The drama? When Edna Kearns and her “Spirit of 1776” wagon caused a stir when a votes for women parade went through that town in 1913.

When you’re planning travel in 2020, add Huntington, NY’s main street to your itinerary.

We’re moving forward to work with local officials in Long Beach, New York to honor the visit to that community of Edna Kearns and other activists in 1913. The New York Times covered that event. Getting all the ducks in a row to apply for and celebrate another important rite of passage is no easy feat.

Getting the necessary support for a commemorative road marker today takes considerable time and effort. And the Pomeroy Foundation in NYS has been active in spreading the word and funding these markers, not only in NYS, but across the nation. Image from the visit to Long Beach, NY in 1913.



We’ve been working closely with Antonia Petrash and the Long Island Woman Association. Our first success was the road marker in Huntington, NY. It has been a long haul when it comes to jumping through the hoops to obtain a road marker commemorating our past. The Pomeroy Foundation has been a special friend throughout. That’s why we’re looking for another advocate on Long Island, NY to push this marker application forward.

The woman suffrage movement and its history in the United States was marginalized during most of the 20th century. This was in spite of heroic efforts to turn this around by women scholars and women’s studies programs in many institutions of higher learning. This is changing in a slow but steady progression to make the 2020 celebration of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution an important rite of passage.


Can you help? I’m reaching out to find someone who can help us in making sure that a road marker is installed in Long Beach, New York before the publication in 2021 of my book, “An Unfinished Revolution.” It’s a memoir and family history highlighting the organizing of my grandparents, Edna Kearns and Wilmer Kearns, for votes for women. I’m a key player in this story as well. Contact me at

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