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Grandmother Edna Kearns met Alice Paul at 1913 suff parade: Marguerite’s Musings

Background of how Edna Kearns met Alice Paul at the 1913 suffrage parade in Washington, DC….

Order Inez Milholland film, plus venue for New York history in new journal!

More news coming out of New York State than ever! Get ready for 2020 and the votes for women centennial….

Suffrage Wagon Cafe program: Daphne White and her New Play

EDITOR’S NOTE: Playwright Daphne White has completed a play entitled, “And Yet We Persist,” a work of historical fiction exploring the internal battles of the early women’s rights movement. Her point of view highlights the controversies then that still elicit debate today. The early activists produced numerous plays, art, poetry, novels, and other expressions to…

Two suffrage wagons were highlight of card party in 1913—

A blast from 1913 highlighting two suffrage wagons. Find out more!…

Suffrage Centennial in 2020 is around the corner! Celebrate August 26th now!

Welcome to a special feature from the Suffrage Wagon Cafe…videos. And happy August 26th….

AWARD for Suffrage Wagon News Channel, plus Research Sources!

An award for Suffrage Wagon News Channel, plus a sampling of resources related to the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage wagon!…

What would Grandmother Edna Kearns say about votes for women today?

Our first wave women’s rights activists would be concerned about partisan moves to limit the right to vote and make it easily accessible….

Our Favorite Corn Recipe from Suffrage Wagon Cooking School

A reminder that Suffrage Wagon Cooking School has had requests for our classic roast corn recipe. Enjoy during the height of the growing season….

Advocacy for the wagon in 2010, 2012, 2017-2018, and now, 2020!

A greeting of celebration from Suffrage Wagon News Channel! In 2019, we’re celebrating ten years of publishing……

The Importance of Descendants & a National Women’s Trail!

Descendants and volunteers. They are the backbone of the upcoming 2020 centennial of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution….