In 2026 the United States will hold its 250th birthday and the event may move forward with US women empowered with the right to vote. However, this 2026 information (so far) is being presented without even a mention of girls and women in key digital places, as if we don’t exist. You bet, we’re noticing. Is this going to happen now that over half of the nation—women—insist on being noticed and they are expected to be a key part of the festivities?

It isn’t as if this obvious absence hasn’t been noticed. It’s happening whether we like it or not. Women are taking over and it doesn’t work for everyone not to notice. And we’re having a presidential election in November 2024 as if nothing has changed since 1776.


“Why, Marguerite…you are so negative and dated. Women voting and the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution happened in the past. This is now. Only the present counts.” That ‘s what a well-meaning friend told me. Yes, you are an old human, she continued. I should have been glad she even spoke to me.

It’s amazing how present-day framing is playing such a key part in interpreting the contemporary women’s rights situation. Make America great again by putting females in their place: SUBSERVIENT!

Why not? Some guys are having a hard time giving up their status as the favored ones. Let’s cheer on those who view the world as having the potential for even considering a horizontal social structure. Some men are concerned about this framing attempt to keep women in their place as second-class citizens.

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