We have relied on many many people who have contributed to the uphill task of taking the story of Edna Buckman Kearns to the broader public. This has included the contributions of numerous people, organizations, and the luck of presence and courage.

We have attempted to break the rules of engagement in many ways and serve as an example of individuals and organizations who have accomplished a great deal of what we have attempted to prove on little money and the gift of soul and heart.

We have mentioned many who have been engaged in this process. One of these is Dr. Susan Goodier who has been behind this process for decades. She has brought in others. She has been generous.

Susan Goodier has helped with the indexing of primary documents. She has followed up with support of her contacts. She has covered Edna Buckman Kearns in her research and writing. She continues to push us forward with her support and encouragement. She joins the many noted in the acknowledgments included in the book about Edna and her suffrage campaign wagon published by SUNY Press in 2021. Thank you, Susan, and the many others who continue to support this effort.

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