Tennessee sculptureAugust 26th is the date set for the unveiling of a statue that has taken six years to launch that commemorates Tennessee as the last state of the then 48 states that ratified the 19th Amendment. Editorial cartoonists called Tennessee “The Perfect 36” since three-quarters of the states were necessary for ratification.

This privately funded $900,000 monument sculpted by renowned Nashville artist Alan LeQuire features five women who were actually in Nashville during the final ratification effort.

“There is nothing outside the state capitol building that depicts this historic event. By having this monument in Centennial Park, which has a historic connection to the suffrage movement, it will be seen by thousands of visitors,” said Paula F. Casey of Memphis, who is Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument, Inc., board president.

Casey, who helped publish The Perfect 36: Tennessee Delivers Woman Suffrage (www.theperfect36.com), said the statewide volunteer board has worked for nearly six years to get the monument completed.

The unveiling ceremony will begin at 11 am CDT and be livestreamed at:


For more information on the monument unveiling, go to www.tnsuffragemonument.org.



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