Marguerite Kearns December 15, 2010

Do you have three minutes free to listen? A three-minute selection from an interview with performer Gerri Gribi highlights a song that could have you singing along within minutes. It sums up some of the arguments Votes for Women advocates had thrown at them. If you have a little more time, check in with the longer interview on the “Votes for Women Salon” series. And take a look at Gerri’s web site. It has free mp3 downloads, words to suffrage songs, and many links to resources.

1 thought on “What Was a Popular and Amusing Suffrage Song?

  1. This is the best possible news of the wagon! Remember when it was in danger of being sold? You gave it a voice once again. When I saw the words PERMANENT Collection my heart gave a little leap. I should have known that you would never rest until you did all you could…not that you are resting now..

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