Congressional hearing on national women's history museumThe Committee on House Administration in the U.S. Congress held a hearing on December 11, 2013 to hear testimony about establishing a commission to study the creation of a national women’s museum in the nation’s Capitol. Online streaming brought the session to a broad audience across the country.

The Washington Post covered the hearing and published this report: #1. #2.

While this hearing represents a dramatic breakthrough for the idea of a national women’s museum whose advocates have never testified on this issue before, this campaign has a 15-year history. The testimony of three witnesses only confirmed what others have already discovered. It’s challenging to get support for women’s history and related issues. And, persistence pays off.

This is an example of how it’s necessary to work on simultaneous fronts and with partners to achieve important goals when bringing women’s history out of a dark closet where it has been on the back burner for decades.

Holiday news notes: December 2013

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