The suffrage torch has been passed to the next generation, and young people are running with the flame. This week’s NYT article on spells it out.

And a new video on You Tube by two young women (Sylvia Ashley and Ane Grytten) presents archival suffrage images and original lyrics featuring the suffrage movement as a history lesson where voting is linked with being part of a democratic movement.

Why are stories of the suffrage movement significant? Storyteller Alton Takayama-Chung has this to remind us: “Younger generations may not have an interest in their culture or family history. They may not have the stories of their ancestors to fall back upon when faced with new situations. Culturally specific, historically accurate stories can be used to fill this need.”

Image: Library of Congress. At Suffrage Wagon News Channel you’ll find out how to build leadership through stories of the suffrage movement.

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  • Tara

    My kids are fascinated by stories of the suffrage movement; they see the movement as proof that you can’t sit still when faced with injustice, and that your actions really can make a difference even if you don’t see it at the time.

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