There’s a terrific article about women journalists in Substack…a commentary on exactly how far women have come in the journalism profession:

It is a terrific way to remember what different folks have asked me over the years. .I started working for a newspaper in 1972. It was a liberating era in the profession when women started to win jobs in the corporate and independent realms. It was an era when articles about women in the workplace were noticed as the “first woman” to serve as this or that.

I didn’t receive threats and harsh labels. We weren’t in that class. We were ignored straight out as “hippies” and worse. Folks who weren’t to be taken seriously. And this included most everyone on the staff, right up to the publisher.

Rap and Roll to celebrate August 26th, Women’s Equality Day on Vimeo. Brought to you by Suffrage Wagon Cooking School.

So yes. We have a long way to go. Countercultural experiments like ours came and went. And there are still those issues that are considered beyond the pale. Stay tuned for more.

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Happy August 26th.

What have you been doing to make this observance special?