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SUFFRAGIST activists discovered the power of the press when it had activists witnessing and writing the news, much as citizen journalists can be described doing today. Writers and activists like Edna Buckman Kearns reported for the Brooklyn Daily News and local publications on Long Island. Edna also lived part time in New York City where her husband Wilmer was employed and her young daughter Serena attended a Quaker school. Edna also focused on organizing Long Island for woman’s suffrage. Her reports in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle gave considerable detail about the grassroots organizing efforts.

Edna’s article of May 16, 1913 in the Southside Observer lays out the plan of concentration. Edna and others branched out to cover organizations where numbers of men would congregate, such as the firemen’s convention. They showed up with literature and a visual presence. The community reactions and how the suffragists responded were also documented in vivid detail.

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