A little story written by my grandmother in 1913 about speaking on a street corner on New Year’s Eve in New York City followed a rant about being abused by hecklers in the Washington DC suffrage parade. Edna tacked on the New Year’s Eve story in a column she wrote comparing the experiences of suffragists in New York parades versus that of Washington, DC.  Grandmother Edna concluded: “New York men are the best in the United States.” When Edna had finished her presentation about Votes for Women, the crowd yelled, “Happy New Year, Suffragette.” From the South Side Observer, March 14, 1913.

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  • Lesley Reed

    Wow, incredible blog! Am setting aside time this week to plow through past posts. Stories are the best.

  • Tomas B.

    This story is a keeper. Like most history, we remember when there’s a story attached. I don’t know about you, but history in school for me was about facts and dates and when wars started and ended.

  • A. Latfield

    Stories are a way to teach and learn quickly. Yeah.

  • I don’t ordinarily comment, but I gotta say this is special.

  • Tara

    (a) I love the artwork you find to decorate/illustrate your posts.
    (b) Isn’t it funny how telling one group of people that they’re better makes them more likely to support you and your cause? 🙂

  • This post is a keeper- bookmarked!

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