Inez MIlhollandThis audio reading is from “Jailed for Freedom” by Doris Stevens, 1920. It is the statement by Maude Younger at the Christmas Day 1916 memorial service for Inez Milholland at Statuary Hall in Washington, DC. (Courtesy: Librivox). After it became apparent that U.S. President Woodrow Wilson wasn’t moved by the extraordinary effort by American women, in addition to Milholland’s death, they started picketing the White House in early 1917. This was 100 years ago. Let’s examine together where we have been and where we are a century later. Will U.S. President Barack Obama award Inez Milholland with a citizens medal before he leaves office? Suffrage Wagon News Channel is a partner in the observance during 2016. Follow the Suffrage Wagon for updates and listen to the audio. It is a valuable insight into Inez.

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