By Marguerite Kearns—I don’t know what you’ll be doing on March 8th—International Women’s Day—but I’ll be honoring Inez Milholland, our US suffrage martyr.

From Marguerite Kearns, anchor of Suffrage Wagon News Channel (

EDNA KEARNS WORKED WITH INEZ MILHOLLAND. And Inez is not only our US suffrage martyr, but also an iconic figure who is being honored during 2020, the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution.

In 2016 Bob Cooney and I coordinated a year-long program commemorating the centennial of the death of Inez Milholland in 1916. More people across the nation and around the world are aware of Inez Milholland than ever before due to this centennial observance.

It’s appropriate that in 2020, Inez become the focus of special programs, fundraisers, and events. This depends on you. There’s a terrific 15-minute film available from Wild West Women (see, handouts and the Gazette from the Women’s History Alliance with materials that honor Inez.

The 2020 centennial of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution is now underway. Don’t be surprised to see our suffrage martyr Inez Milholland’s name, image, and life featured NOW more than ever! We’ve already seen the image and story of Inez in dramatic re-enactments, books, videos, and more. Artist Meneese Wall is completing the production of a book that should be published before August 26, 2020 highlighting her graphic women’s suffrage series that features a selection of the movers and shakers of the movement, such as Inez.

You’ll be hearing more about this work in the future. Inez Milholland will be included in a chapter in Wall’s upcoming book about the 1913 women’s rights parade in Washington, DC. Her illustrations have been featured in digital formats, publications of general circulation, in prints and in lists of resources. Stay tuned!

Order some of Meneese Wall’s prints, note cards for gifts, and more.

Follow during 2020. And Happy Women’s History Month. Don’t let the month flash by without paying attention.

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Another resource from Robert J. Cooney, Jr.:


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