CircleNewsNotesThe shooting tragedy at a Connecticut elementary school demonstrates the urgent need for a heart-based way of all of us moving forward together. Which brings up an essential question: “Who are we?” How do we define ourselves, our relationship to each other and the planet? I’ve been listening to a Heartmath webinar this morning on this very question and the critical need to translate this into a global approach. As the end of 2012 approaches, I’m delving deeper into Grandmother Edna Kearns and researching her life more completely as a way to share her life, stories, and how this can inform us today. You’d think suffrage news would take a nose dive after the 2012 presidential election. Not so.

The Votes for Women quilt project continues. Link #1. Point of view about how suffrage history isn’t taught well in schools. Link #2. PDF. College program about Strong Women/Strong Girls. Link #3. 106-year-old suffragist dies in Georgia. Link #4. History database. Link #5. Suffragette autograph album to be auctioned in UK. Link #6. Link #6a. Suffrage wagon seen by thousands at New York State Capitol in 2012. LINK.

Reunion of abolitionist families, after all these years. Link #7. Link #7a. “Woman and Her Sphere” is a site rich in suffrage content. Link #8. Link #8a. New book on the year 1775 in the American Revolution puts the “Spirit of 1776” in a different context. Link #9. Link #9a. Celebrate our third birthday with us.

Performer Pete Seeger reflects on a lifetime of activism in new book and advises activists to stick together until the issue is won. Link #10. Link #10a. Forum on LGBT history. Link #11. Link #11a. “Remember the Ladies” is women’s history exhibit in Dallas. Link #12. Link #12a. Statue of Liberty remains closed. Link #13. Link #13a. Hurricane Sandy puts stress on digital archives. Link #14. Link #14a.

Filmmaker Ken Burns receives award for historical documentaries. His documentary on Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony is still a classic. Link #15. Link #15a. Emma Goldman wasn’t convinced voting was a good idea, but for different reasons than the “antis.” Link #16. Link #16a. Christmas in former years. Link #17. Link #17a. Fox Op-Ed commentator says it’s women’s nature to be dominated by men. Link #18. Link #18a. Oldest American recently passed on had voted on a regular basis during her life. Link #19. Link #19a. Exhibit in MA. Link #20. Link #20a. Women’s suffrage wins over screening audience. Link #21. Link #21a. Argument about the genius of women, or lack of it. Link #22. Link #22a. Why should there be a Girl Museum? Link #23. Link #23a.

SOME LAST-MINUTE NEWS NOTES: A solo woman hasn’t made the cover of Time for the past 26 years. LINK. Women’s history 2012 highlights from Chick History. LINK.

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