Suffragist Rosalie Jones of Long Island used a yellow horse-drawn wagon. Edna Kearns traveled in another suffrage wagon, the “Spirit of 1776.” They toured, gave speeches, recruited supporters. At the end of the day, they were special guests of honor at dinner. See article below in The Long Islander. Note, however, that Edna’s daughter is recorded as Irene. Actually, it was Serena. And little Serena was a suffrage poster child. Her onstage appearance in a suffrage pageant at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City is noted in this article., as well as the effort put into organizing on Long Island for Votes for Women.

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  • Francesca Rollins

    Original stories. Ready to think about, even teach the kids. I’m a teacher. I’m looking for any curriculum guides out there that can make my job easier to bring these stories to the young people.

  • Tomas B.

    I look forward to the stories of our grandmothers and great grandmothers. They did much more than make muffins in the kitchen. It’s time they get the recognition they’re due.

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