Storytelling and News: New York State rolls out red carpet in 2017 for suffrage centennial. Suffrage pageants important in their time. Wrapping up our first year at Suffrage Wagon Cooking School. Surprise 1913 image of”Spirit of 1776″ wagon found in new book by Kenneth Florey about women’s suffrage postcards.  First birthday for Suffrage Wagon Cooking School. #1. Women’s suffrage activists speak to us from the past. Suffrage activists thought outside the box.  Marguerite Kearns and Suffrage Wagon News Channel award for personal opinion and storytelling. “TURN: Washington’s Spies” foreshadows confrontation over suffrage wagon 100+ years after American Revolution. “Spirit of 1776” CampaignSuffrage Wagon Cafe. “Spirit of 1776” digital library underway. 

What was Edna Kearns thinking about 100 years ago? The 1915 Votes for Women Ball.  Crash course on hot tea and the suffrage movement. Story Episodes: #1.  Kearns archive at New York Botanical Garden. New York’s three suffrage wagon women: Rosalie Jones, Elisabeth Freeman, Edna Kearns. Marguerite’s article about Susan B. Anthony and her fans. The Santa Claus letter and video about women’s history trails. Edna Kearns’ “Better Babies” campaign 100 years ago and her descendants today.  

Let’s Rock the Cradle blogging tour. “12 Reasons why the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage wagon is a NYS treasure.” Suffrage Wagon Cooking School has first session on roast corn. See other lessons, including how to make hot tea. “Spirit of 1776” Wagon Day declared in New York by legislative resolution: #1. #2. Transcript of June 18, 2013 passage of the NYS Senate resolution to declare July 1, 2013 as the “Spirit of 1776” Wagon Day. #1. #2. Put on the tea pot! a feature video and stories. Q&A for Marguerite Kearns. 

November 15, 2014 “Night of Terror” Blogging: Day #1 (Nov.1); Day #2 (Nov.2); Day #3 (Nov. 3). Day #4 (Nov. 4), Day #5 (Nov. 5). Day #6 (Nov. 6). Day #7 (Nov. 7). Day #8 (Nov. 8), Day #9 (Nov. 9), Day #10 , (Nov. 10), Day #11,  (Nov. 11), Day #12 (Nov. 12), Day #13 (Nov. 13), Day #14 (Nov. 14), Day #15 (Nov. 15).

Horse-drawn suffrage wagons by Kenneth Florey: Part #1. Part #2. Automobiles and the Suffrage Movement by Kenneth Florey: Part #1. Part #2.  Long Island Suffrage Organizing: Part I. Part II. Edna Kearns: Her life story. The 1913 Washington, DC suffrage parade from the archives of Edna Kearns.  #1. #2. #3. #4. The Triangle Fire anniversary. What was Edna Kearns doing in March 100 years ago? Suffrage Tea Memorabilia by Kenneth Florey. Part #1. Part #2. Suffragette Emily Davison centennial. Story about NYS Woman Suffrage Association president Harriet May Mills who saw the “Spirit of 1776” wagon off on its voyage to Long Island on  July 1, 1913. Video and audio about Women’s Equality Day.

Music: “Spirit of 1776” song that celebrates suffrage wagon. Rap about Women’s Equality Day, T. Fowler. “Oh, dear. What can the matter be?” Gerri Gribi.  “The Vote: Choose it and use it,” and “Carry on the Spirit of 1776.”  “Woman’s Rights.” Kerry AnnHamilton. “The New America.” Kerry Ann Hamilton. “The Song of all the Ages.” Erin Roth.

Marguerite’s Musings:
Marguerite’s fuming about limited distribution of “Suffragette” film in the US. The myth comparing the English and American suffrage movements. Preparation to see the upcoming “Suffragette” film. Can the U.S. catch up to the U.K. in suffrage awareness? A Valentine’s Day story about Edna and Wilmer.  Kearns relatives got together during the holidays. Two of my videos about 100 years ago.  Why I Vote and Support a Suffragist Memorial.  Suffragist Elisabeth Freeman. Reflections about the upcoming Susan B. Anthony speech. “Are the chances of a 2017 suffrage centennial enhanced by recent lt. gov. choice?” Women Drivers. Driving to Texas. Remembering Toshi Seeger.  Suffragists challenged “antis” in bread baking contest.

 “Will Meryl Streep win an Oscar for her role in “Suffragette” film? “I walk on my suffragist grandmother’s carpet.” Washing sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving. The saga of the lemon meringue pie, women’s suffrage style. Visit to Cradle and Cotton Country.  Blogging tour of “Cradle” included Seneca Falls. Presidential Bus Visited Seneca Falls, NY. “Bonded after wearing Grandmother Edna Kearns’ dresses.”  “Suffrage Stories Rise from the Shadows.”  “Telling the Suffrage Story.” “Grandmother Edna sent back report from 1913 suffrage parade in Washington, DC.” “Suffrage Buffs and Nuts Like Me are in Heaven.” “Happy Birthday, Grandmother Edna.” The story of NYS Gov. Martin Glynn’s “anti” wife.

Suffrage Wagon News Notes: April 2017. March 2017. December 2015. November 2015. October 2015. August 2015July 2015. June 2015. May 2015. April 2015. March 2015. #2. Women’s History Month News Notes. November 2014.  October 2014.  September 2014.  August 2014.  July 2014. June 2014: #1.  #2. #3. May 2014. April 2014: #1. #2. #3. March 2014. #1. #2. February 2014: #1. #2. January 2014: #1. December 2013: #1. #2. #3. #4. November 2013: #1. #2. #3. October 2013. #1. #2. September 2013. #1. #2. August 2013. #1. #2. July 2013. #1. June 2013. #1. #2. May 2013. #1. #2. #3.  April 2013. #1. March 2013February 2013January 2013December 2012. November 2012:  #1#2. October 2012: #1. #2September 2012.

Bibliography and resources for Edna Kearns and “Spirit of 1776” wagon.

"New York Archives" article, Fall 2013Suffrage Bookshelf: The Yellow Wallpaper” is featured short story from Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Book by Kenneth Florey about American Woman Suffrage Postcards.  “No Votes for Women” by Susan Goodier. Martha Burk’s book, “Your Voice, Your Vote.” New works: suffrage leader Anna Howard Shaw, and book on Alice Paul. Books by Antonia Petrash and Natalie Naylor. August 2013: Review of Crossing Stones by Tara Bloyd.  July 2013: Seneca Falls novel. June 2013: Ken Florey book.  May 2013.  April 2013. #1. #2.  March 2013. December 2012: #1#2.  November 2012: #1. Suffrage books for young audiences by Tara Bloyd. 

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Audio: Suffrage Wagon Soundcloud. Nine audio podcast series of “Playing Politics with the President.”  Seven audio podcast series of “Trouble Brewing in Seneca Falls.” Suffrage Wagon Audio Highlights: May 2013. Readings about the July 1913 suffrage wagon presentation. Music ad promoting Seneca Falls, NY. Featured audio interviews on Votes for Women Salon.

Suffrage Wagon’s videos. “Spirit of 1776” music video celebrates the suffrage wagon. Crash course on suffrage movement through video.  Vimeo channel for videos. Youtube channel for videos. Two new videos about July 1, 2013 being the “Spirit of 1776” Wagon Day in New York State. “Carry on the Spirit of 1776.”   “Choose it and Use it”  Videos about the suffrage wagon’s centennial: 1913-2013. See more than 20 videos including “Snapshots from the life of Edna Kearns,” “Alice Paul’s Tea Room,” “A Tribute to Susan B. Anthony,” “Suffrage Wagon Centennial,” videos on automobiles and horse-drawn wagons used in the suffrage movement, highlights of Wilmer Kearns and his suffrage activism, and much more. 

Travel/Cultural Tourism: “Trouble in Seneca Falls,” an audio podcast series –Elizabeth Cady Stanton describes developments associated with the 1848 women’s rights convention: #1  #2  #3 #4  #5 #6 #7 (the complete series)   Two videos about Seneca Falls and why you should watch if you can’t visit.  Visit Seneca Falls,New York. For Alice in Wonderland fans. Virtual birthday party for Elizabeth Cady Stanton recommends a visit to Seneca Falls, NY. Web site “Lets Rock The Cradle” features historic sites and events in the “Cradle” of the women’s rights movement in the U.S.

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Links to articles about the 1776 wagon presentation and the Long Island 1913 suffrage organizing campaign: “Off on Caravan to Win Long Island,” The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, on July 2, 1913, PDF; “Suffragists Finish Tour of the Island,” The Daily Standard Union on August 6, 1913, PDF; “Suffragists out for a stir,” NYTimes, July 1, 1913, PDF; “Suffragists Off for Farms in Garb of ’76,” The Sun, July 2, 1913, PDF; “Suffragists Tour Island,” The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, July 9, 1913, PDF; “Came to See One Horse Shay,” The Long Islander. August 1, 1913, PDF; “Wagon Presented to Suffragettes Today,” unknown Brooklyn newspaper, July 1, 1913, PDF.

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