Wondering about these people sitting on Grandmother Edna Kearns’ suffrage wagon? L to R: My sister Winnie Culp, me at age 14, my George School friend Madge Passmore, my mother Wilma, and Grandfather Wilmer Kearns. It’s the time of the month for Suffrage Wagon news notes, and now –a special thanks to everyone who participated in One Billion Rising with us on February 14th. Here’s the report on the ongoing initiative. LINK.

News Notes: Masterpiece Theatre program, “Mr. Selfridge,” deals with shopping and suffrage. LINK. See also. LINK. Hundreds celebrate Susan B. Anthony’s birthday at special birthday luncheon. Link #1. Link #2. Friendship with suffragist Alice Paul noted as significant. Link #1. Link #2. A reminder about the 1913 suffrage parade centennial in Washington, DC the weekend of March 1-3, 2013 during Women’s History Month. LINK. Maryland state legislature commemorates 1913 suffrage parade. Link #1. Link #2. Video page link for “Women Suffrage March in Maryland General Assembly. Remembering Gerda Lerner and her contributions to women’s history. Link #1. Link #2. The controversy surrounding free love. Link #1. Link #2. Another call to repeal the 19th amendment. Link #1. Link #2. Promoting tourism in NYS through history. Link #1. Link #2. Innovative promotion of history. Link #1. The suffrage quilt lives on. Link #1.¬†Suffrage and super bowls. Link #1. Regional Emmy for suffrage video “Bad Romance.” LINK.

The Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture announces the availability of Mary Lily Research Grants for research travel to use its collections: LINK. Grants are available to any faculty member, graduate or¬†undergraduate student, or independent scholar with a research project requiring the use of materials in the Bingham Center collection. Deadline: March 29, 2013.


Visit Suffrage Wagon’s feature page to stay current with new updates.¬†LINK.


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  • Peg Hanson

    Good read, this web site! Keep it up!

  • Nicole

    I have to agree with Heather, it would have taken enormous courage to support women’s suffrage in the early part of the 20th century. Even today in many civilized world, we still see women being threatened and ridiculed for fighting for their rights and it’s still a very challenging work. It’s wonderful that so many women are paying tribute to the brave women who supported women’s suffrage and it shames me a little that I don’t participate on enough of them.

  • Heather

    I was interested in your blog after watching the series Mr Selfridge, (last episode tonight!). When I watched the episode about the suffrage parade that took place in London, right outside his store I was surprised at his reaction and attitude. I don’t know how accurate the series has been in depicting history, but I think it must have taken a lot of bravery to support such an event, particularly when he had so much (materially) to lose. I also liked how he had his store front window displays decorated in support of the movement! It has spurred me on to find out more about this whole subject, that’s how I ended up reading your blog! So thank you for sharing such interesting information on here.

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