Votes for Women news to prepare for 2020 suffrage centennial on Vimeo.


From Marguerite—

August is the month during 2019 when we’ve already started moving forward to plan for the 2020 women’s suffrage centennial in the US.

Just when I’d settled on using the language “first wave” and “second wave, etc” to sort through the decades, the academic language has shifted. Now many references refer to “early” women’s rights efforts, rather than “first wave.” The term “mid-twentieth century” is being replaced in use for “second wave,” with “contemporary” preferred to “third wave.”

Language, as always, is in transition, and I suspect you’ll still see some of my references to the obsolete terminology, but bear with me. I’ve been writing the story of my grandparents most of this year and what it was like for me to come of age with this legacy of women activists in my family. I’ve put down a great deal of this experience in writing. It’s a long, challenging, and uplifting subject.

Often I have to rest and adjust after spending long hours writing about my grandparents and myself in the past. It takes a while to come up for air and find out what has changed while I’ve been in my cave, writing.

An enormous thank you to those who have stepped forward to help and encourage me along the way. You know who you are!