You’d think that US women have been sufficiently punished for having thoughts of an overview like this. It is fashionable to write off individuals like me as being old fashioned. Instead, we are insulted and charged with being “negative.”

Voters Thank Their Suffrage Ancestors on Vimeo.

It’s true that the big movement raising gender issues happened in the past. But descendants of rights activists are also discussing the fact NOW that key individuals in the culture still discuss how awful it is that white men are declining in importance and prestige. This is also known as an emphasis on patriarchy.

And women activists, some of whom call themselves feminists, don’t believe that certain individuals should be on top and their partners on the social equivalence of the bottom. We have entered a transitional period where the word patriarchy isn’t fashionable and even spoken out loud.

The Anti-Suffrage Movement: Suffrage Wagon Cafe features a video and a book about those who didn’t want women to vote on Vimeo.

Let’s work on an increased awareness of August 26th, or the annual optional observance of Women’s Equality Day. How are you celebrating? What about a letter to your Congressional representative supporting a federal holiday for August 26th? Or a feast based on women’s rights themes?

Let’s get rid of patriarchy now. Dr. Susan Goodier wrote a book about those women of the past who called themselves “anti’s” and went down in defeat in 1917 in a statewide referendum that led eventually to the acceptance of the 19th amendment to the US Constitution in 1920.

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