Oregon’s 1912 victory for Votes for Women is bringing a lot of history out of the bottom bureau drawer. See excellent article, the web site devoted to the centennial — a “Century of Action” in Oregon — and the building momentum of awareness about the political potential of women voting today. The lives of Oregon activists such as Abigail Scott Dunaway (close friend of Susan B. Anthony) are highlighted in an audio program on Oregon public radio worth listening to. Discussions like this raise nagging contemporary questions about pay equity, affordable day care, paid maternity leave, women holding political office and much more.

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  • Monique L.

    I liked the radio program link especially.

  • Emily Belmont

    Some treasures you have on this blog. I’m sending this photo to my sister. She loves off-beat stuff like this. Keep up the good work. I’m getting your posts on RSS feed.

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