A new piece of art work is hanging on my wall, a gift from an old friend Peter Sinclair, an artist and historian from the Hudson Valley. Peter played a key role in storing the suffrage campaign wagon in a safe place until it finally reached its resting place in the New York State Museum. Peter’s artistic interpretation of the wagon is one of many expressions of care that have been part of the wagon’s history over the years. This isn’t an isolated instance of preservation for Peter Sinclair, as this article from Woodstock Times details.

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  • Trenny M.

    So many different ways of viewing the same subject matter on this news channel.

  • Wes Livingston

    Talented guy. An inspired work of art. A real gift.

  • Big Girl Betty

    I like your intriguing blog. Super information.

  • Amina G.

    This is such a sweet story. Thank you for sharing it.

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