The "Spirit of 1776" suffrage wagon

It’s not Wagon Day every day in New York State. Yes, the “Spirit of 1776” had its fifteen minutes of fame today, and we’re milking the occasion because centennials dont’ come around but every 100 years.

On this date one hundred years ago, the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage wagon left Manhattan for an intensive month campaigning on Long Island.

Today, July 1, 2013, is the “Spirit of 1776” Wagon Day in New York State because both houses of the state legislature passed resolutions on June 18, 2013 recognizing the wagon’s centennial. This doesn’t happen every day.

Just to add a little juice to the announcement, there were two articles today about the significance of this centennial. Here’s an article from Women’s eNews. PDF. And another from the Legislative Gazette in Albany, New York. PDF

I feel like a broken record chatting on Facebook and Twitter and the blog and now, here, the main platform. But people get their information these days on different platforms and it’s necessary to do a soft shoe dance on one, and a tap dance on another. Grandmother Edna would never have imagined me getting out the word like this, but she’d approve. She was definitely from the pen and paper era, and I’ve spent most of my life on the tail end of that curve.

If you don’t know the details of the resolution that passed both houses of the New York State Legislature on June 18, 2013, then check out the Suffrage Wagon quarterly newsletter summer issue┬áthat went out today. In the event you’re not on the list, check out the subscription page.

And if you’re in the mood, there’s a new video about our quarterly communications platform.

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  • Jose Faryan

    It’s about time we see these stories getting out into the world and people are paying attention. You can’t care about this unless you know about it, and the first time for me was going with my Aunt Ginny to Seneca Falls and back then the national park was just getting started. Only had a few panels. It’s much different now.

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