Participate in a contest to bring more people into the fold who know about American history and women’s place in it. commissioned the above image and shared it with the U.S Treasury. Each of the individuals shown worked tirelessly for women’s rights and what is taken for granted today.

Name The People Contest: No cost to enter. Submit the names of the 12 people featured on The Other Side on the form provided on the Womenon20’s website. Winners will be announced by Thanksgiving. Essay Contest: Tell in 500-1000 words why commemorating women on national currency is meaningful.  All entries will be sent as one package to the Treasury and the U.S. President. Send entries to:

Turning Point Suffragist Memorial’s contest is geared to undergraduate and graduate students across the nation.

"Suffragette"NEW MARKETS FOR “SUFFRAGETTE” FILM AS OF NOVEMBER 6, 2015. Albany, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Champaign-Urbana, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Ft. Myers, Harrisburg, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Madison, Milwaukee,  Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orelans, Norfolk, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Portland, ME, Portland, OR, Providence, Raleigh, Richmond, Rochester, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, Seattle, St. Louis, Syracuse, Tucson, and West Palm Beach. WATCH FOR MORE RELEASES OF “SUFFRAGETTE” FILM ON

November 8, 2015: Special program at Suffrage Wagon Cafe about the November 2015 release of film, “10 Days in a Madhouse.”

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