Women’s Equality Day in August on the 26th day celebrates the long struggle of women to win the right to vote. This was long-overdue. Yes, it was achieved within a top-down social and economic system. Yes, it wasn’t perfect. It was achieved within an existing social and economic system that many perceived was in existence to doom its goals.

Women voting was achieved non violently.  This is a reminder. Yes, it is long overdue that we achieve a horizontal social and economic system of operation. There are those who criticize the reformers. They achieved their goal, but the real outcome is still before us.

Let’s get busy. There’s another reform that the patriarchy resists: an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution. Join the 300+ organizations that have joined together to make this happen! Persist in standing firm.

Do this by making sure that August 26th is noted and celebrated in 2024.

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