Some days I devote to cooking for the next few days. I chop up veggies to make Pepper Pot Soup. The contents are in the fridge, ready to saute and make the broth later. It’s an old recipe. I remember eating it in a restaurant when I lived in Philadelphia. And I made it for my father in 1989. It’s not readily available locally these days.

Let me know if you have found it.

A  survey of Philly chefs say that patron’s tastes have changed. I doubt that. There isn’t much out there about pepper pot soup, although the Museum of Art of the Ben Franklin Parkway near center city Phila. has it in its collection—a 1811 painting by German artist Krimmel that ties pepper pot soup to the African-American slave trade and the rapid growth of a free black city population.

There’s a myth that pepper pot soup was responsible for General George Washington and the colonial army at Valley Forge, on the outskirts of the city, winning the American Revolution because of pepper pot soup.  Sorry, but it appears to be a myth.

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