When we were struggling to start a blog posting site back in 2009, it was made possible by Ken Florey. and his fabulous collection of women’s suffrage memorabilia. The above wagon memory is listed on the general web site of If you’re a member you get a FREE newsletter that is a gem, now published by Ken Florey and Emilia van Beugen, plus contributing editors Robert Fratkin and Germaine Broussard.

It’s the newsletter known as The Clarion, and it has published over 50 issues so far. This is of great interest to those of us who are thrilled at the effort to keep alive the hopes and dreams of those who have come before us. They are also passing a torch to those carrying on the work, as well as museums planning future exhibitions. The winter 2023 issue has terrific articles, in addition to a piece about items advertised wrongly for sale and identified as part of the suffrage movement. The overall organization is the American Political Items Collections.

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