Listening to the audio of “Jailed for Freedom” by Doris Stevens is almost like listening to Doris herself. And the audio from the entire book is free from Votes for Women Salon.

“Alice Paul brought back to the fight that note of immediacy which
had gone with the passing of Miss Anthony’s leadership. She
called a halt on further pleading, wheedling, proving, praying.
It was as if she had bidden women stand erect, with confidence in
themselves and in their own judgments, and compelled them to be
self-respecting enough to dare to put their freedom first, and so
determine for themselves the day when they should be free. Those
who had a taste of begging under the old regime and who abandoned
it for demanding, know how fine and strong a thing it is to
realize that you must take what is yours and not waste your
energy proving that you are or will some day be worthy of a gift
of power from your masters. On that glad day of discovery you
have first freed yourself to fight for freedom. Alice Paul gave to thousands of women the essence of freedom.”

Doris Stevens, from “Jailed for Freedom”


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    I’m a student who is using your web site of stories to write a research paper because there’s material I can’t find anywhere else. My appreciation to you and your hard work.

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