Here’s an email from Sylvia Ramos about how we could be doing something important while waiting from one action to another.

A “whistleblower” draws a line and says “I’ve had it, and I am not going to tolerate any more lies, coverups, and abuse.” Being a whistleblower may or may not involve becoming a public figure in the process. That’s a possibility, but it doesn’t define every instance of whistleblowing. We’re in the business of appreciating those determined to win the right to vote for women. It’s also known as women’s suffrage history.


Not long ago I believed I was entering into a relationship of problem solving over the phone with a family member. I believed the process would be professional. But it became a “one-way rant” plus an opportunity to tell me what a “bad” decision I had made once, or something I said or might have thought 40 or more years ago. I became the target of a stiff critique for me as a volunteer on a mission motivated by a labor of love. I didn’t take it personally. I prefer airing controversial issues with confidants in a “beloved community.”  The outcome could have been different. I’m reconsidering all of the moves.

Through the Eye of Marguerite Kearns: Writing as the descendant of suffrage activists!on Vimeo.


Sad that folks today even entertain the thought that vinegar and pain is the solution for conflict. Many subscribe to the notion that might makes right. The entertainment industry rolls tons of PROFITS in wheelbarrels to the bank each week. Violence is stimulating and addictive. I blow a whistle.

So if someone’s political platform boils down to hatred, labels, and insults—I’m reaching toward the sunny side.  So when the temperature of the insults and attacks are at a top limit, and too many are speaking out the side of their mouths, give me a holler.

“Beloved communities” are increasing. They are nonviolent rather than violent. If you’re into insults, make them literary, please. And well intentioned…to increase effectiveness  for our mission of passing a  torch to those who come after us. No more shallow cliches when others play to the peanut gallery. Criticism, yes. Learning, indeed.

Suffrage Wagon News Channel has been publishing about Edna Kearns and women’s suffrage history since 2009.

If I were to attach a song to optimistic loving, it would be the country music hit “Keep on the Sunny Side” as performed by the Carter Family and Johnny Cash. It’s one method of creating and maintaining a beloved community. There are captives behind concrete walls who hum lullabies they remember their mamas singing to them, back when they were in diapers crawling across city apartment floors. They are human. So are we.

We’re celebrating the torch created by those who came before us, and we’re passing this same torch to those who will carry on the work in the future. Join the ERA Coalition. They’re pushing for an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution.

During February 2023, we’re working on support for adding an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution. See our sister site,