I’m planning a Susan B. Anthony birthday celebration next month. More about this soon! And there’s news from Velya Jancz-Urban who always wanted a “Votes for Women” tea pot to go with her china set that has been stored away. Here’s what she said about it. Now the entire set will be coming out of storage just in time for afternoon tea party season. February 15th is Susan B. Anthony’s birthday and a perfect opportunity for Velya to use the “Votes for Women” dish set, which by the way, is available at the gift shop at the Susan B. Anthony House, among other places. Photo: Velya opens her teapot gift during the holidays.

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  • Tara

    That’s an excellent teapot — wow, I want one!

  • Receiving this ‘Votes for Women’ teapot from my daughter last month, inspired our family to take another trip to Newport, Rhode Island. The highlight of the day was visiting Alva Vanderbilt’s (she has ALWAYS intrigued me!) Marble House and Tea House – the site of many suffrage rallies.

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