A celebration is called for, so the table has been set for a virtual birthday party for Elizabeth Cady Stanton whose birthday is November 12th. She was born in 1815. Let’s ride the spirit!

Pull up a chair to the table! Link You’ll be able to bake a cake for Elizabeth, listen to a musical tribute, watch the introduction to Not for Ourselves Alone, the Ken Burns documentary about Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. The virtual party is condensed to one page for you to share with friends, family members, teachers, and community members.

For a travel angle to the Elizabeth Cady Stanton virtual birthday party, visit Worldfootprints.

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  • Kammie

    To have a woman live that long is amazing. My grandma was born in 1919 — the year of prohibition and the birth of root beer. She died several years back, but I miss that woman. She wasn’t a huge trailblazer, but she was one of my favorite people. Happy belated, Elizabeth! Amazing!!!

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